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Birthday's and announcements

5/25 - Non Profit - Equine Safe Haven's ribbon cutting celebration from 11am to 1pm with lunch/snacks & refreshments.  Photo op at 12:20pm

5/30 A happy birthday to Gin.  Ken's horse & He turns 12 years old

Upcoming Events

  • Beginner series - Part 1 ages 16 & up
    Jun 10, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM MDT
    Deming, 4930 Franklin Rd SE, Deming, NM 88030, USA
    Beginner Part 1: Safety, Parts of the horse, Basic Equine first aid, common ailments and how to identify them, grooming & feeding horses, mules & donkeys. This class is for beginners, new horse owners, or thinking of getting a horse. $40 per class. Link for payment will be sent when you RSVP
  • Beginner series - Part 2 - Ages 16 & up
    Jun 17, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    Deming, 4930 Franklin Rd SE, Deming, NM 88030, USA
    Beginner Horsemanship Part 2. This class will teach the following: Effective Leading, and beginning groundwork. Understanding horse behavior. Conformation. Hoof Care. Healthcare (worming, vaccinations) Care of Tack (Saddles, bridles, pads etc). Safety. $40 per class, payment link sent w/RSVP
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November 15,  2022 - non profit is born!
Equine Safe Haven (at SaddleHawk Ranch)
New 501(c)3 -Non-Profit Charitable Organization- 
Your donations are tax deductible!


Equine Safe Haven located at SaddleHawk Ranch is dedicated to saving horses from going to slaughter and using them for educational purposes. 


The horses are purchased from Bowie, Texas - some with the help of a rescue, and they will then arrive at SaddleHawk Ranch for rehabilitation.   After initial evaluation, they are either retired or put into light service to educate people on horsemanship and on how to drive.    

Most of the horses are fully trained American Trotters or Amish bred driving horses.  Through no fault of their own, they were found in a holding sale barn, waiting for the truck to come take them across the border to be slaughtered in Mexico.  This happens by the thousands in the USA (see USDA for statistics).  The older or injured, they eventually make their way down to Texas to be sold to slaughter.

Equine Safe Haven works with another rescue and will purchase these horses from Bowie, Texas - the horses that are on the ship list to slaughter, sometimes hours away from getting on the truck.

If you would like to help with our mission, please consider clicking the donate button


Summary: Equine Safe Haven has a dual mission which benefits the community, visitors, and guests at the Ranch.  The nonprofit rescues Equines by purchasing them from a specific Texas kill pen, and rehabilitates and repurposes those Equines into a program that teaches all ages horsemanship skills.  For the community, visitors, and out of town guests, the non profit program teaches life-skills, leadership, fitness, healing & compassion, and also focuses on carriage driving skills that can be used by those that no longer ride, or have disabilities that would not allow them to ride otherwise. We benefit the community by providing a recreational outlet for economically disadvantaged persons of all ages.

drinking post waterer image 5.jpg

We now offer for sale:

Drinking Post Waterers

  • No more dirty, standing water risking the health of your livestock.

  • No more expensive heating bills, or broken troughs from freezing.

  • No more hauling buckets or hoses around.

We currently have Drinking Post Waterers in 5' and 6' in stock, as well as portables. Please call us to learn more

drinking post waterer image 1.jpg

Our waterers are so simple, we don't even need 3 steps!


Thirsty animal fills Drinking Post by pressing the paddle with their nose.


When the animal is done, all the water drains out of the bowl and below the frost line.

Fresh, clean water - every time!

saddlehawk ranch smalls watching sunset.jpg

Welcome Harvest Host & Boondockers Welcome Members, The Dyrt, HipCampers, Airbnb & Horse overnights 

We have three spots for parking your rig with 30 amp hookups available! 

Bring your horses too!

Book online through one of those apps and you can stay at the ranch!  We offer one to 5 night stays.


Need to pay for your stay? 

With over 30 Equines (Horses, Mules & Donkeys), the panoramic view of the Florida mountains that provide awesome sunsets, we offer several boondocking sites where we have no generator restrictions. 

We may not be fancy, but you can rest easy knowing you are at a private gated 38 acre Ranch, and off highway and busy roads.

Water fill available 

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Project Incubate - Farrier - On hold for 2023

Look here for updates or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our current events.

Our mission is to have graduates of horseshoeing schools work in the Farrier trade, at our ranch, and in the area, for clients.  We are located in the Akela/Deming New Mexico area.

We hope to "incubate" the next generation, invest in the younger generation and in turn they will "pay it forward" and do the same.

We offer financial assistance (Tuition, board, books, living expenses, tools/equipment) in exchange for commitment to work a year as our employee.  If initiative is shown, we will also help set up your farrier business if you wish to venture out on your own after the year of employment.

To find out more about our program, please contact us directly at 575-592-8521, to learn more.  We will take only those applicants that are SERIOUS about learning a life skill/trade that can be very lucrative, rewarding and have the ability to work in many locations.

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