August 26-28, 2022
Save The Date

Deming Duck Races, 
Deming New Mexico

We will have a vendor booth Saturday and Sunday
at the Duck Races and will be displaying our Drinking Post Waterers!  We also have crafts and will talk about our horse driving program, as well as our horseshoeing program.  Stop by and say HI

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Look for us in the parade at 10am

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We now offer for sale:

Drinking Post Waterers

  • No more dirty, standing water risking the health of your livestock.

  • No more expensive heating bills, or broken troughs from freezing.

  • No more hauling buckets or hoses around.

We have Drinking Post Waterers in stock please call us to learn more

drinking post waterer image 1.jpg

Our waterers are so simple, we don't even need 3 steps!


Thirsty animal fills Drinking Post by pressing the paddle with their nose.


When the animal is done, all the water drains out of the bowl and below the frost line.

Fresh, clean water - every time!

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New at the Ranch

Welcome Harvest Host Members

We now welcome guests!  We have two spots for parking your rig with 50 amp hookups available! 

As a member of Harvest Hosts you can stay at the ranch!


Project Incubate - Farrier

Update:  Welcome Sean Morrison to the Ranch!

Sean joined up July 18th, and he is quickly becoming a favorite with the animals, especially during feeding time!  Sean is learning all about our equines, chickens and people associated with them.  Look here for updates or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our current events.

PRESS RELEASE - June 30, 2022

We have our final candidates for the Farrier School - and will post the two individuals that will be students into the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School 12 week Farrier Program at Purcell, Oklahoma starting in October 2022

Our mission is to have graduates work in the Farrier trade, at our ranch, and in the area, for clients.  We are located in the Akela/Deming New Mexico area.

We hope to "incubate" the next generation, invest in the younger generation and in turn they will "pay it forward" and do the same.

We offer financial assistance (Tuition, board, books, living expenses, tools/equipment) in exchange for commitment to work a year as our employee.  If initiative is shown, we will also help set up your farrier business if you wish to venture out on your own after the year of employment.

To find out more about our program, please contact us directly at 575-592-8521, to learn more.  We will take only those applicants that are SERIOUS about learning a life skill/trade that can be very lucrative, rewarding and have the ability to work in many locations.

Check out Oklahoma Horseshoeing School