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  • When will you be open?
    We are not open to the Public. We have clinics, and some events which are open to the Public. These are posted on our website under the Events tab, Facebook and Instagram when we have them. These are RSVP or ticketed events only. The Public is not able to "stop by" without an appt. We are open to members of Harvest Hosts and BoonDocker's Welcome ( , , Hip Camp and They DYRT and RV Overnights for overnight stays, RV hookup and tent camping at the ranch. Booking is done on those websites, please look for SaddleHawk Ranch, or email us and we can send you a link to our booking site. For Hay sales or other Ranch Product sales such as The Drinking Post products (auto waterers), please email, call or text us at 575-592-8521 for purchase/pick up.
  • Will you have classes on beekeeping?
    Classes will be held in the Spring and Summer of 2023 - always weather permitting, and always on a weekend. Please see our events tab for new classes. We collect Swarms in the Spring time, and then manage those colonies so that they survive and are able to product honey. We have honey extraction classes when the hives produce honey. We also teach hive maintenance classes. We have been beekeepers for over 9 years and have had both bees for hobby and commercial bees for pollination. We have held positions as "Director of Membership" and "Treasurer" for a non-profit beekeepers organization of over 500 members. Conducted beekeeping classes both live and online (during Covid)
  • Do you have horseback riding lessons?
    Sorry, we do not have horseback riding or horseback riding lessons. We have horsemanship 101 = intro to horses, care, hoof care & maintenance Discovery driving - horse and buggy Intro to driving lesson Driving lessons and clinics Intermediate driving Parades Our goal is to give lessons on driving horses. This includes those that are physically or economically challenged as we partner with the 501c3 non profit: Equine Safe Haven. We will teach basic horsemanship, and these seasoned horses will provide education into the wonderful world of driving. In our clinics we will provide beginning lessons, as well as intermediate driving. Please sign up on the Events tab, and RSVP. Once you RSVP you will hold your spot in the class and you'll be given more info and instruction.
  • Do you sell eggs and chickens to the public?
    Yes, we are licensed and permitted to sell eggs to the public. We are not currently selling to the Public. When eggs are available we sell to our overnight RV campers. In April and May we usually see an increase in egg production as well has hatched chicks and will post availability at that time.
  • Will you sell your soaps at the ranch?
    We are planning on offering our handmade natural soaps and other handmade products when available they will be listed on our website for sale.
  • Do you take in horses, mules or donkeys from owners?
    Sorry, we are not a rescue, and we do not take in owner surrendered horses, mules or donkeys. Please contact a state licensed rescue that can help you
  • Do you have horseback riding?
    We are not a public ranch that rents horses out for riding. We also do not give horseback riding lessons at this time. We are focused on our driving school for horse and buggy, and partnering with the nonprofit, Equine Safe Haven, to offer economical opportunities to those that are disadvantaged. We host global visitors through membership programs, and clinics - these are posted as events on our website when open to the public. We have our own professional Ranch, Roping and Trail horses, that are not for rent, as we compete with them. If you are interested in joining our Ranch team for competitions, please contact us via email: with your interest.
  • Can you teach my horse to drive a carriage?
    No, we do not teach your horse to drive. We do teach you how to drive using our own driving horses.
  • Do you sell horses?
    No, we do not sell horses. We are not a horse trader. We do not intake horses, adopt out or rehome. Equine Safe Haven: has horses that can be sponsored at the ranch. Part of their charity outreach program.
Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb
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