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We were born City Slickers, but snubbed the luxury of Urban Life ~

Wide Open Spaces were calling to us

Driven by passion to live The Cowboy Way of life  

The Need to be creative

Work with our hands

Use the gifts that God has blessed us with

Ability to Serve as we are able

Invest & Teach the Generations

Innovate and work smarter, not harder

Tend & Care to the Animals

Live Simply, Want less

We are still plugged into technology, yet desire a work/life balance

We chose to be here, and we are right where we should be


  • a horse rescue  Sorry, we do not take in private owner horses, and we are not a state licensed rescue (or sanctuary). Please see your state livestock board for registered and licensed rescues if you wish to find a home for your horse.

    • SaddleHawk works with nonprofit Equine Safe Haven to provide education using horses purchased from a sale barn (slang- "kill pen") where they would have otherwise been sent to slaughter.  See website:

  • a trail riding/or riding for hire stable - we don't rent horses

  • a boarding stable - we do not board privately owned horses.   We do have horses that you can "sponsor" while you learn horsemanship or how to drive

  • a contracted training facility - we do not train your horse for you or contract to train horses for private owners

  • a training facility for your horse We do not train your horse to drive.  The Ranch uses only their own horses and those of the nonprofit, Equine Safe Haven, to teach.

On the Laptop


Driving horses, performance horses & Horsemanship 

Ranch stays - RVeres welcome!

Driving Clinics


Leadership & Life-skills clinics

Corporate Team Building Events

Horses, Mules, & cute donkeys

Hay For Sale

Owner/Trainer of once Wild Horses/Mustangs

AQHA Performance horses

Beekeeping, Pollination Services

Honey Products

Distributor for Drinking Post Automatic Waterer

Friendly Goats

Chickens & Eggs

Soap Making with natural based ingredients

Natural fertilizers

Handmade Crafts

Licensed in State of New Mexico #6723985

Reg #778 Luna County New Mexico

Honey Jars

We are

We have over 75 animals here at the Ranch which include two gentled Mustangs, 3 friendly goats and 11 adorable donkeys too.


We will introduce you to our organically grown produce, collected honey, free ranging chickens that produce amazingly tasty and vitamin packed eggs!



Along with our 11 adorable donkeys, we have a variety of other Equines - over 22, including mules!

We have Carriage driving & Ranch horses here, roping horses, sorting horses, trail horses, reining horses, dressage horses, Horses in training!  Many compete and perform.  These are not rescues, but pedigreed and money earners.

Our focus is with carriage driving and helping the nonprofit, Equine Safe Haven.  Equine Safe Haven helps support 7 Standardbreds and 1 Draft horse that reside on the Ranch. These have been trained to drive...and have driven all their lives (some are United States Trotting Association Registered- and originally raced).  They are from the Amish areas of our Country, like Ohio, Iowa, New York, Kentucky, Pennsylvania etc.


The horses in the driving programs, were purchased from Bowie Texas Livestock Sale Barn. SaddleHawk Ranch worked with Border Horse Slaughter Rescue to get them saved from going to slaughter in Mexico.  Equine Safe Haven helped rehabilitate them here at the Ranch.

At SaddleHawk Ranch they rehab; Get medical attention, vaccinations, good food, love, and then are enjoyed by all.  The Standardbreds especially are so well behaved that they are in parades, driving on the roads, teaching all ages, and novice horsepersons.  It is sheer joy and a blessing to us.

Follow us as we continue our journey with horses here at SaddleHawk Ranch.  Also check out Equine Safe Haven, the 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization, that offers programs using these horses for the economically and physically disadvantaged - for free 

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